New Greenville Data Center

Greenville SC Data Center

This is very exciting for Greenville.

Last week DC Blox announced plans to open a $200M data center in Greenville. It will be located right off of 85 in an area leveraged for high growth, has easy access in/out and it adjacent to all major fiber pathways in the area.

Over the past few years we have seen a lot of local business in Greenville flow out to Tier 1 facilities in Charlotte or Atlanta. Having an option so close by is great news indeed.

A lot of clients have been moving to the cloud. So why is this important to you? Well, for starters, many of you have some applications, services or architecture which needs to be evaluated for it’s appropriate place in the “cloud”. It’s why the hybrid approach has gained in popularity the past few years. By having a data center like this close by you gain the obvious benefit of having your architecture housed in an incredible facility that you’d never be able to re-create on your own, but it also establishes an adjacency to popular cloud services such as AWS and Azure that is next-to-impossible to build on your own. Note this is really only a variable with high bandwith, low latency or high availability platforms – for those clients of ours living in Office 365, etc this really isn’t a consideration. For user-based computing your options are effectively unlimited.

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Greenville SC Data Center

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