Technology Planning

While enterprises have had CIOs for some three decades, it is only recently that Virtual CIOs (vCIOs) have emerged. vCIOs offer business such as yours top-level IT strategy without necessarily having to retain headcount into that position.

Pylon‘s vCIOs, just like an enterprise CIO, is not so much a pure technophile as a business expert who understands how to apply technology to best advantage to support the business. A vCIO’s duties include aligning business objectives with IT systems, formulating a strategic IT plan, and analyzing business workflows to facilitate evolution in technology. Just as you’d rely on a financial advisor for strategic fiscal advice, a virtual CIO should be your go-to technical contact as well as a trusted business partner who understands how technology fulfills a company’s unique needs.

How do we do this? A vCIO engagement will typically begin with a close examination of your technology assets, culture and existing processes. While a large part of our role is to advise you on how to move ahead, it’s critical that there are no skeletons in the closet or other inefficiencies while would make improvement moot. Next comes a deep discussion of your business goals, and research into the competitive environment. Rest assured that all of these conversations will be framed within the context of your overall business goals and objectives, never from the perspective of using technology for technology’s sake.

Our vCIOs can:

  • Define a roadmap of the technology for the business, assuring your that your technology is an iterative, strategic plan rather than a series of one-offs.
  • Define the useful life of your existing IT infrastructure
  • Formulate an IT budget to ensure that your network infrastructure meets all your company’s needs, even as your company evolves
  • Ensure operational efficiencies
  • Align your business with the rapid technology changes occurring around it
Technology Planning

For information on how a Pylon Technology vCIO can help you manage and secure your network, please contact us.

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