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Pylon is a comprehensive cloud and IT services group that specializes in legal services. We have a specific group which specializes in the industry, the challenges, the applications and the urgency to make technology work right all the time.

What business road blocks do you need help breaking down?

We need to be able to operate 24/7

With advanced mobile technolgy we have levels of access previously impossible, however for many law firms there is still a challenge to access all of the tools that you need all of the time.


It's critical to secure our data

You have an ethical obligation to keep client data private. According to ABA Model Rule 1.6(c):

A lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client.

We have poor connectivity!

Let’s face it, the average law firm is usually not in a 40 story high rise with multiple stable internet providers.  Bad internet is one of the biggest roadblocks to uninteruppted billable hours.  We have innovative solutions to help you with this.


We waste too much time on administrative tasks

On the topic of increasing margin on existing services, some of the most overt sources of waste being cut are administrative tasks. These tasks are labor intensive, low margin, and at worst, unbillable.

Compliance is a pain point

The word ‘compliance’ is one that all legal professionals are familiar with and every state has its own set of rules/guidelines that law firms must uphold. Because of this, staying up-to-date on compliance regulations, particularly technical ones, can be a full-time job.

Balancing the increasing need for Cyber Security

The International Legal Technology Association asked ‘What are your three biggest law firm security challenges?’ and 34% answered balancing security with usability, 25% user acceptance, 21% user education, and 21% firm culture.

Pylon helped get our practice up and running in record time.  Great people.

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Leverage Technology To Address The 5 Biggest Challenges For Solo & Small Law Firms

The best approach is to find a legal technology expert who you can call on for counsel and advice. One that can provide you with leadership and direction on how to navigate the technology jungle out there. It won't get any easier, so find someone you can trust and who is invested is consistently staying ahead of the curve. Just like your clients use you for.


 1. Acquiring new client business: 78%

 2. Spending too much time on administrative tasks: 69%

 3. Increasing technology complexity: 63%

 4. Cost control and expense growth: 62%

 5. Clients demanding more for less or rate pressure from clients (tied with #4): 62%

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