Managed Detection & Response

A good cybersecurity defense includes implementing tools like SIEM, UTM firewalls and advanced endpoint security technology. However, without the human component—someone to actively utilize the data coming from these tools—you are essentially still at square one. That’s because it’s not necessarily how good your tools are, but who’s leveraging those tools to keep watch over your environment.

Pylon performs Managed Detection and Response (MDR) specifically for organizations that don’t have the internal expertise and/or bandwidth to keep a vigilant watch over the security of their IT environment. We employ the right people and the right processes to efficiently supplement your organization’s security threat management efforts.

Our team identifies intrusions as they are happening, so you can extract them from your environment before any damage is done:

  • Defining, implementing and updating security rules
  • Running targeted threat hunting sequences to trace anomalies
  • Examining alerts to separate true concerns from false positives
  • Addressing and appropriately escalating threats in real-time

All systems will have the same level of security – With Pylon, we will manage software on all your systems. This means that there should be the same program installed on your systems, and that the antivirus will be updated to ensure that systems are protected from new security threats that come along.

It is easier to manage – Managing your antivirus solution can be a tough task, especially in larger companies where different solutions may need to be employed. By working with us, your antivirus solutions are managed by techs whose specific job it is to monitor and maintain your security.

Management is continual – With unmanaged solutions, many users can turn off their protection. Our antivirus solutions can’t be uninstalled or turned off, meaning your systems are continually protected.

Your systems are truly protected – Regardless of how secure your systems are and the steps you take to ensure that malware doesn’t get through, the chances are you will eventually be infected. When you are, it may be tricky to actually completely remove the virus. Our experts are trained in how to do this quickly and efficiently and can completely remove the virus, ensuring that your systems are truly secure.

Pylon Technology