Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a threat to every business, no matter the size. As one of the area’s leading Security Services Provider (MSSP), Pylon brings highly customized, cost-effective IT security solutions to protect your organization. Our personalized approach ensures that you receive the best security expertise, catering to the specific needs of your company.

Our range of Managed Security Products and Services can help you negotiate the risks of operating a business in a world dominated by the Internet. As we increasingly rely on smooth and safe online interaction, Pylon stands at the absolute forefront of internet security.

With our broad spectrum of Managed Security Services, we’re well-positioned to help you with the specific security requirements of your business. Our solutions can be provided as either fully managed solutions, customer-owned solutions, or a combination of the two. Our Security Operations Center monitors and manages the Security Solutions we provide 24 x 7, for your peace of mind.

How can our Managed Security Services help you stay secure?

  • Our solutions are managed through the cloud, so we can implement them and update them remotely. There are no costly on-site visits.
  • As your MSSP, we can function as your IT security consultant by assisting with monitoring for important security events or alerts.
  • We provide access to ongoing, understandable reports, so you see the benefits Pylon solutions are delivering in real-time.
  • Because we sell security as a service, it’s affordable for the SMB. There is no costly up-front investment in hardware or software with our IT managed security services pricing.
Pylon has been an integral partner of ours. We're in the business of innovation and our relationship with Pylon allows us to focus on our core mission, features and performance, with assurance that our enterprise and our products are secure.
Jack Brady
Business Owner

For our regulated clients, we offer a straightforward roadmap towards a compliant roadmap that will be applicable to both regulatory oversight as well as investor due diligence.  Our custom framework is based on the CSC-CISv7.1 control set that are that are effectively the actionable manifestation of the recommendations laid out within NIST 800-53 rev4, the standards from which most regulatory guidance is derived.  

  1. What are the CSC-CIS controls?
  2. Where does CSC-CIS derive it’s governance from?  NIST 800-53

Learn more about our individualized services below

Who’s watching your network?

Pylon performs 24×7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) specifically for organizations that don’t have the internal expertise and/or bandwidth to keep a vigilant watch over the security of their IT environment. We employ the right people and the right processes to efficiently supplement your organization’s security threat management efforts. Our team identifies intrusions as they are happening, so you can extract them from your environment before any damage is done.

As information technology continues to advance, so does the malware designed to compromise it. In fact, the technology behind today’s security threats has quickly eclipsed the standard antivirus protection most commonly used. The Pylon Advanced Endpoint Security Service protects your endpoints against advanced threats by leveraging a combination of technologies and services for multi-faceted activity analysis and tracking, behavioral blocking, and deep process inspection. The service includes traditional (signature-based) and next-generation (analytics-based) malware protection, with frequent updates and real-time lookup. It also helps satisfy the relevant PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements.

A network firewall continues to be as important as a locked front door at each of the locations where you’ve installed network infrastructure. You can’t rest easy once it’s installed, though. The increasing sophistication of attackers and their tools means that firewalls have to be continuously monitored and managed. Our Pylon Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewall Service delivers the latest in firewall technology, supported by a team of experts that keeps it current to your business operations and the threats that endanger it—all while maintaining compliance with industry standards like PCI DSS.

The Pylon File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Service notifies you when files are created or key files are viewed, deleted or modified, and when group ownership of files is changed. The service provides granular controls and filters that can pinpoint specific files and either perform scans at desired intervals or operate in real-time mode for continuous protection. File-level behavior can then be correlated to additional security and audit activities to determine potentially harmful network activity.

How do you efficiently check your business network for any of the thousands of different security risks that can offer hackers an open door? Our Vulnerability Management Service provides automated scanning of all your network assets, taking both the external perspective of an outside attacker as well as an internal, “inside the network” approach. Vulnerabilities are prioritized and reported, and a team of security experts stands ready with guidance on how to approach their remediation. As a PCI-qualified Approved Scanning Vendor, Pylon also delivers the ASV scan you need to prove your compliance.

The easiest way for an attacker to gain access to your business network is through the weakest link—your employees. Social engineering exploits mistakes, missteps, and the general lack of awareness of your organization when it comes to protecting critical assets like customer data. The Pylon Security Awareness Training (SAT) service provides an ongoing program of web-based instruction across the topics that are relevant to your operations. In addition, you’ll have the visibility and control you need to ensure that the program is being followed by all your employees on an ongoing basis.

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