Business Intelligence

A Better way to do analytics

A data-centric culture increases revenue, creates a better customer experience,
and improves employee productivity.


Our evidence-based process will define success according to all stakeholders and deliver transparency, accountibility, and unsurpassed functionality.

Our Advantage

Di​fferent from average analytics companies, Pylon has the unique assessment tools, research base, and bright data expertise to deliver a solution that speaks to the heart of the issue.

Our Service

We offer end-to-end business intelligence implementations, a la carte services, and white-labeled analytics solutions. We turn your big data into bright data.

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Questions we answer

 1. What do your employees value most in working with the data on a regular basis

 2. What challenges do your employees face on a regular basis in working with the data

 3. Do all the departments in your company see the current BI environment as a productive and efficient tool?

 4. How do you implement change while showing each department the value of that change?

 5. Which departments have the best chance of working together to improve BI outcomes?

Business intelligence, analytics, data science – these are not technology issues. Yes, technology enables them, but how data is valued and utilized across the organization has much more bearing on success than the technology and tools used to handle that data. It’s not about the technology, it’s about the culture.

Pylon believes in a data-centric culture. Many companies are already there, some are on their way, and some haven’t started yet but know they need to get there. That’s why we invest time up front to run our assessment process, which includes a Competing Values Assessment and Business Intelligence Maturity Assessment.

The Competing Values Assessment identifies the core approaches to organization, behavior, and thought within an organization and division. Internal units contribute to the whole organization culture and identity, but the distinctions between these units should not be forgotten. The Business Intelligence Maturity Assessment quantifies the current state of BI in the organization and identifies the key priorities and challenges in working with critical data at current state.

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