The Financial Industry

As technology & regulatory oversight becomes increasingly complex, Pylon can help you manage the security, performance and scalability of your infrastructure to promptly and consistently deliver the services that you depend upon.

The Medical Industry

We can handle all your HIPAA-aware technology needs from managing your network, data security, cloud computing, and providing and upgrading any hardware or IT products your practice may need.

Starting a company?

SMB seeking to grow sustainably face three critical challenges: access to a breadth of skills, scalability and optimization and innovation as they mature. Pylon’s comprehensive IT service can help!

Legal Tech

The Legal Industry

Law firms are not immune from the ever-changing technology landscape, and partners are faced with worrying about security, document management, and keeping their systems running 24/7, all while under the same regulatory microscope as your firm’s clients.

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Managed Technology

Built to meet the unique needs of each organisation, Pylon offers a fully managed outsourced IT solution. This essentially means you’ll have access to a team of full-time IT consultants and a national resource of skills and experience that will ensure all of your IT systems are supported, up-to-date, and performing optimally. Pylon is your local resource for all of your technology needs.

Cyber Security

We provide a full suite of information security services and solutions that help define cyber security strategy, identify and remediate threats and risks, select and deploy the right technology, and achieve operational readiness to protect from malicious attack.

Professional Technology Services

Our knowledge of IT systems, cloud providers, business process and network specific solutions provides our clients with the sound capability of selecting, implementing and managing IT solutions that will accurately reflect on their business requirements.

Our Promise

Pylon Technology provides true advocacy computer consulting, implementation services, and support. At the core of our industry-leading client retention is establishing and maintaining our role as your trusted technology advisor.
It is vital to our effectiveness as trusted advisors to take the time to learn about your business. From working in concert with business leaders to configuring firewalls in the server room, we will remain aware of your business origins, current market position, and strategy. Our recommendations for technology solutions are based only on your specific business. Free of conflicts-of-interest or even vested interests in specific manufacturers of hardware and software, we know our value to you is based solely upon being able to provide objective options with your best interests in mind.
Pylon Technology distinguishes itself by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with each client, as outsourced IT partners, while considering your company’s business model, we take into consideration its mission, existing technology, and business goals. This information is then utilized to form a comprehensive IT long-term strategy. We provide clear and coherent options, along with extensive cost/benefit analyses, empowering you to make informed decisions.

What Our Clients Say

  • Pylon helped build from scratch and maintain a very complex set of redundant information systems, as well as provide help desk support for our growing firm of now 180 employees. During this period, they were instrumental in supporting multiple sites and managing several relocations. In fact, now that we are with this independent service provider rather than our previous in-house staff, we have been able to reduce its IT costs by 40%, with the same level of 24/7 support we had before.

    COO - Hedge Fund
    Greenwich, CT
Pylon Technology