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Pylon Managed Security

Cyber security is a threat to every business, no matter the size. As one of the area’s leading Security Services Provider (MSSP), Pylon brings highly customised, cost-effective IT security solutions to protect your organisation. Our personalised approach ensures that you receive the best security expertise, catering to the specific needs of your company.

Our range of cyber security products and services can help you negotiate the risks of operating a business in a world dominated by the Internet. As we increasingly rely on smooth and safe online interaction, Pylon stands at the absolute forefront of internet security.

With our broad spectrum of cyber security services, we’re well positioned to help you with the specific security requirements of your business. Our solutions can be provided as either fully managed (opex) solutions, customer owned (capex) solutions, or a combination of the two. Our Security Operations Centre monitors and manages the cyber security solutions we provide 24 x 7, for your peace of mind.

The level of sophistication the bad guys have these days is so high that it’s not just about anti-virus anymore. A multi-layered approach combining pattern-based detection, real-time analysis, heuristics, reputation analysis and other features is critical for providing maximum protection to our customers (and reducing clean-up costs). Layering in rigid regulatory-friendly best practices and adding a constant improvement mentality make our solution rigid enough for larger organizations and flexible for smaller organizations.