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Pylon Technology


Pylon Technology provides true advocacy computer consulting, implementation services, and support. At the core of our industry-leading client retention is establishing and maintaining our role as your trusted technology advisor.

It is vital to our effectiveness as trusted advisors to take the time to learn about your business. From working in concert with business leaders to configuring firewalls in the server room, we will remain aware of your business origins, current market position, and strategy. Our recommendations for technology solutions are based only on your specific business. Free of conflicts-of-interest or even vested interests in specific manufacturers of hardware and software, we know our value to you is based solely upon being able to provide objective options with your best interests in mind.

Pylon Technology distinguishes itself by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with each client, as outsourced IT partners, while considering your company’s business model, we take into consideration its mission, existing technology, and business goals. This information is then utilized to form a comprehensive IT long-term strategy. We provide clear and coherent options, along with extensive cost/benefit analyses, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Meet Senior Management
Don Gordon Founding Partner
Don manages Pylon's business operations, strategy, and account management. Prior to Pylon, Don ran a successful telecom and technology consulting firm specializing in designing networks and optimizing costs for enterprise clients. He formerly worked for MFS Communications, later acquired by WorldCom and Verizon Business.
Tim Quinn Founding Partner
Tim has more than 20 years of IT management experience. He is a specialist in IT cost reduction as well as business transformation through implementation of complex enterprise-application solutions. His expertise expands to cover strategic planning for IT infrastructure, services, regulation and security.
M. Todd Latham Director: Managed Services
As Pylon's Director of Managed Services, Mr. Latham maintains all aspects of our client's technology needs, including the development, coordination, implementation and operation of managed technology solutions and support. Prior to joining Pylon, Mr. Latham was the Chief Technology Officer with Westport Resources Management (1999-2014).

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide technology management solutions that produce maximum value and increased efficiencies for our clients through the use of proven strategies and methods.

More About Pylon

Our Skills

Pylon is committed to providing you with effective, personalized technology solutions, comprehensive consulting advice, and a service based on absolute trust and integrity. We pride ourselves on a tightly-knit and academically diverse team of technology and business professionals with broad experience and expertise.  Our team ranges from individuals who have attained the Cisco CCIE designation to Project Management Professional certification. We believe the best way to build a relationship of trust is through regular contact with clients.  In addition to a team of client service specialists, our business managers, partners, and president of the company are available and a phone call away.

We Create Value

Today, more than ever businesses are struggling to optimize IT operations and budgets while remaining at the forefront of their respective industries – here’s where we come in.

Pylon has saved it’s clients over 30% of their yearly IT Spend while increasing efficiency and even ridding the awkwardness of your average IT team being on-site.

Ethics & Standards of Conduct

  • Trust
  • Honor
  • Integrity
  • Courtesy
  • Professionalism
  • Deliver on time
  • Return your phone calls

Technology Lifecycle Management

Even as technology improves, business’ fundamental technology challenge remains the same: provide the most functional, flexible IT infrastructure possible, at the lowest cost of ownership. Meeting that challenge systematically through Technology Lifecycle Management can lead to dramatic improvements in efficiency, performance, and cost management.